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Sesbania grandiflora - Agasthi - അകത്തി

Botanical Name :
Sesbania grandiflora 
Sesban coccinea
Agati grandiflora
Coronilla grandiflora

Family :

Vernacular Names :
Malayalam : Akaththi - അകത്തി 
English : Agathi, Agati sesbania, August flower, Australian corkwood tree,
               Flamingo bill, Grandiflora, Sesban, Swamp pea, Tiger tongue, 
               West Indian pea, white dragon tree 
Sanskrit : Varnari, Munipriya, Agasthi, Drigapalaka  
Hindi : Agasti, Bak, Basma, Basna, Chogache, Hatiya, Gaach Munga - गाछ मूंगा
Bengali : Agati, Agusta, Bagphal, Bak, Bake
Tamil : Sevvagatti, Muni , Akatthi -  அகத்தி
Gujarati : Agathio
Kannada : Agase
Telugu : Ettagise, Sukanasamu, Avisi - అవిసి 
Marathi :  Heta - हेटा 
Manipuri :  Houwaimal - হৌৱাঈমাল 
Urdu : Agst 

Plant Description : 
An open branching tree up to 15 m tall and 30 cm in diameter.  
Roots are normally heavily nodulated with large nodules.  The tree can develop floating roots and aerenchyma tissue.
Stems tomentose, unarmed.
Leaf pinnately compound, up to 30 cm long including a petiole 7-15 mm long, the rachis slightly pubescent or glabrous, leaflets 20-50, in pairs opposite to alternate on the same leaf, oblong to elliptical, 12-44 mm x 5-15 mm, rounded to obtuse to slightly emarginate at the apex, glabrous or sparsely pubescent on both surfaces.
Stipels filiform, 0.75-1 mm long, pubescent, persistent, stipules broadly lanceolate, 8 mm long, early deciduous .
Raceme axillary, 2-4 flowered, rachis up to 65 mm long, peduncle 15-35 mm long, tomentose,  pedicels 15-18 mm long, pubescent, bracts lanceolate, 3-6 mm long, early deciduous,  flowers white, yellowish, rose-pink or red,  calyx 15-22 mm long, closed in young buds, splitting or breaking at anthesis, the basal part persistent in the fruit,  standard up to 10.5 x 8 cm, no appendages at the claw,  wings up to 10.5 x 3 cm without a basal tooth, staminal tube 10-12 cm long, curved for most of its length,  ovary and style glabrous .
Pod linear to slightly falcate, 20-60 x 6-9 mm with broad sutures, 15-50 seeded, septa 7.5-10 mm apart, glabrous, hanging vertically, indehiscent .
Seed subreniform, 6.5 x 5 mm x 2.5-3 mm, dark brown.  Seed weight is 17,000-30,000 seeds/kg.

Chemical Composition :

Tannin, Vitamin A,b,C, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Fat, Carbohydrate

Rasaadhi Gunaas :

Rasa : Thiktha
Guna : Rooksham, Lakhu
Veeryam : Sheetham
Vipakam : Madhuram, Thiktham

Useful Parts :
Stem bark
Tender Fruits

Indications :
01. Pitha Kapha hara
02. Peenasam
03. Jwara
04. Headache
05. Ropannam
06. Moothralam
07. Chathurthika jwara
08. Night blindness


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