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Rauwolfia serpentina - Sarppa gandha - അമല്‍പ്പൊരി

Botanical Name :
Rauwolfia serpentina Benth ex. Kurz.

Family :

Vernacular Names : 
Malayalam : Sarppa gandhi, Amal pori - അമല്‍പ്പൊരി    
English : Rauvolfia, Indian snake root  
Sanskrit : Sarppa gandha, Naakuli, Sarppaadhanee, Raktha thrika, Kukkudee 
Hindhi : Chottaa chandh, Chandrabhaga, Sarpagandha      
Bangali : Chandhraa, Chandra 
Tamil : Shivan mel podi, Chevanamalpodi, Sarpagandha  
Gujarathi : Sarppa gandhaa
Kannada : Sutranabhi, Keramaddinagaddi  
Telugu : Patalaguni, Patalagandha, Sarpagandha, Paadala gandhi 
Marathi : Harkaya, Harki, Hadaki, Adakai
Assamese : Arachoritita
Chinese : Lu fu mu 

Plant Description : 
It is an evergreen, perennial, glabrous and errect undershrub grows up to a height of 60 cm (rarely more than it). 
Roots are tuberous with pale brown cork.
Leaves are in whorls of three, elliptic to lanceolate or obovate, bright green above, pale green below, tip acute or acuminate, base tapering and slender. 
Petioles long. 
Flowers are in many flowered irregular corymbose cymes. Peduncles long but pedicels stout. Flowers white, often has violet coloured tinge. 
Calyx glabrous, bright red and lanceolate. 
Corolla is longer than calyx, tube slender, swollen a little above the middle, lobes 3, and elliptic-oblong. 
Disc is cup shaped. 
Drupes are slightly connate, obliquely ovoid and purplish black in colour.

Chemical Composition : 
The major alkaloid present in root, stem and leaves of the plant is Reserpine  varies from 1.7 to 3.0 %. The root barks has more than 90% of the total alkaloids in roots. The minor alkaloids present in the plant are Ajmalicine, ajmaline, isoajmaline, ajmalinine, chandrine, rauwolfinine, renoxidine, rescin-namine, reserpiline, reserpin, reserpinine, sarpagine,  serpentine, serpentinine, tetraphyllicine, yohimbine, 3-epi-a-yohimbine.  The root contains ophioxylin , resin, starch and wax. 

Rasaadhi Gunaas :

Rasa : Kashayam
Guna : Rooksham
Veeryam : Ushnnam
Vipakam : Katu

Useful Parts : 
Indications : 
01. Reduces blood pressure
02. Nerves relaxation
03. Produces sleep
04. Dysentery
05. Insanity
06. Mental illness 
07. Hysteria
08. Dysmennorhea

Side Effects : 
01. Nasal congestion
02. Lethargy
03. Drowsiness
03. Peculiar dreams
04. Vertigo 
05. Mental depression which may lead to suicide

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