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01. This is my personal blog site with my personal opinion on Ayurveda,
       Ayurvedic Home remedies, Ayurvedic products, health conditions etc.

02. This blog is a collection of health tips from various sources including 
       books and websites.

03. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug

04. The author of this blog is not responsible for the inaccuracy of any information
       or ineffectiveness or side reactions of any tip. Author does not bear any
       responsibility regarding the authenticity or the truthfulness of the content or
       his opinions and suggestions. 

05. Most of the simple methods to fight any ailment given in the blog are very safe
       with no known unpleasant effects, but each person has a different constitution
       and  the results may vary. It  is upon the visitors own risk & discretion to read and
       interpret the articles, or to get the advice from the author regarding any topic.

06. All the content of this blog site are author’s own opinion and it is for
       information only. It is not meant to replace medical advice.

07.  The herbs, their combination and ayurvedic formulations are described based
        on rich and thousands of years old Traditional Ayurvedic classical texts and
        authors own experience.

08. No part of the content can be copied or altered or used by any possible means
       by anyone, without the prior permission of the author.

09. The views expressed in the comments are those of the readers
       do not necessarily reflect the views of the author.

10. If there is an error in any of our articles on this blog,
       kindly bring it to our notice by sending us a Feedback to

11. All statements given are only for information purpose.
       We are not responsible or liable for any problems related to the
       utilization of information on this site.

12. Informations or statements written in this website should not be used to
       diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any
       medication.This website neither claim cure from any disease by any means
       nor it sell any product directly .

13. We suggest that you consult a qualified doctor before trying any
       health care remedies.

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